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On ThomsonLinear.com there are a large number of tools that will help you in your design work.
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Learn more about the design tools on ThomsonLinear.com.
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European Linear Actuators and Linear Motion Systems 3D CAD Drawings

There are two websites that host the European Thomson linear actuators and linear motion systems 3D CAD drawings, one for the Thomson Tollo product range and one for the Thomson Neff range. In the Design Tools section on ThomsonLinear.com you can find 2D and 3D drawings for other Thomson products.
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3D CAD Drawings for Thomson Tollo Linear Actuators, Linear Motion Systems and Handling Equipment
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3D CAD Drawings for Thomson Neff Linear Motion Systems

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Calculation Spread Sheets

In addition to the design tools listed above you might also find the following spread sheets helpful when doing calculations. Please contact customer support if you need any help. Contact Customer Support >

M55 M75 M100 - Edition 23 >
MovoZ - Edition 8 >
T60 - Edition 4 >
T90 Screw Diameter 25 and 32 - Edition 13 >
T130 - Edition 9 >
T130 Screw 5010 - Edition 2 >
Precision Linear Actuators ECT - Edition 5 >
Calculations Mechanical - Edition 4 >
Move Profile - Edition 3 >
Cycle Time Multi Axis - Edition 3 >
Average Load - Edition 2 >
Movorail - Edition1 >


Thomson Neff Wiesel Manager

Thomson Neff Wiesel Manager is a stand alone sizing and selection software for Thomson Neff linear motion systems that you can download and install on your PC. Please follow the instructions when installing. If the program prompt you for a password please use "obelix". The program is in English and include help files. Note that it does not work with Windows 7. Contact customer support if you require any assistance.
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