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Scandinavian Customer Support Center

Please feel free to contact our helpdesk / customer support department if you want:
Sales support
Delivery information
Technical support
Service and repair information
To file a complaint
To have help with any other matter.

The helpdesk is open Monday Friday 8.00 - 17.00 CET and is closed for lunch 12.00 - 13.00. 
Phone switchboard:          +46 (0) 44-24 67 00
Phone customer support:  +46 (0) 44-24 67 90
Fax:                                +46 (0) 44-24 40 85
E-mail:                             sales.scandinavia@thomsonlinear.com


European Linear Actuators, Linear Motions Systems and Handling Installation and Service Manuals

Here you can download all the installation and service manuals for the Thomson linear actuators, linear motions systems and handling equipment that are sold in Europe. For other Thomson manuals or language versions, please visit the document media section at ThomsonLinear.com.
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Linear Actuators, Controls and Accessories
Electrak Pro >
Electrak 1, 5, 10, LA14, IA14, FA14 and LA24 >
Electrak PPA >
Electrak Q050/E050 >
Electrak E150 >
TC16 Lifting Column >
DMD/DMA Lifting Column >
LM80 Rodless Actuator >
DCG Actuator Control Series >
DCG Series Hand Controls >
AC-247 Actuator Controls Series >
AC-063 Actuator Controls Series >
Magnetic Sensors >

Linear Motions System and Accessories
PowerLine WM40S, WM40D, WM60S, WM60D, WM60X, WM80S, WM80D, WM120D, WV60, WV80, WV120 >
PowerLine WM60Z, WM80Z >
SpeedLine WH, WHZ >
Movopart M55, M75, M100 >
Movopart M50 >
Movopart CB >
BaseLine WB40, WB60 >
ForceLine MLSM, MLSH >
MovoZ Z2 >
MovoZ Z3 >
MovoZ ZB >
VarioLine WZ (available in German only) >
Mounting of Motor and Flange to a Linear Motion System >
Belt Gear BGM09, BGM41, BGM81 >
Worm Gear TBS40 >
Micron Planetary Gears >
Magnetic Sensors >

Precision Linear Actuators
T Series (T60, T90, T130) >
EC Series >
ECT Series >

Handling Components Manuals
Movorail Installation >
Movorail Service >
Tollobelt >

Thomson Linear Motion Systems - European Service and Installation CD
The Thomson Linear Motion Systems - European Service and Installation CD contain all service and installation manuals in all available languages for the Thomson linear motion systems, precision linear actuators and handling components produced and sold in Europe.
Browse the Thomson Linear Motion Systems - European Service and Installation CD >


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